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Mediation and Arbitration


Ms. Zeuli is an approved panel member as a mediator &/or arbitrator for the following:

• American Arbitration Association [AAA]

  - Arbitrator

  - Mediator

• American Health Lawyers Association [AHLA]
  - Arbitrator

• Department of Financial Services [DFS], State of Florida

  - Mediator

• FINRA/f/k/a NASD
  - Arbitrator for Public Disputes

• National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals [NADN]

• Privately by Corporations and/or Individuals

• The Florida Bar


Ms. Zeuli mediates in the state courts in Civil Circuit, Family Law, Appellate & County Court and in the Federal Courts.

Ms. Zeuli is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Civil Circuit Mediator, Family Law Mediator and County Court Mediator.  As part of that certification, Ms. Zeuli took a forty (40) hour course for Civil Circuit Mediation and a separate, forty (40) hour course for Family Law.  She also was accepted and attended The Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers’ Mediation Course, which consisted of an additional thirty-two (32) hours of training.  Ms. Zeuli regularly attends continuing education courses as a mediator and is a faculty member of the University of the American Arbitration Association [AAA] as a presenter.

Ms. Zeuli combines her insight and understanding of human psyche with her legal experience to any case she mediates.  She has mediated well over 1,000 cases, large and small, at all stages of a dispute, including before [presuit],  after a lawsuit has been filed and after an appeal has been taken.   Ms. Zeuli has mediated a wide variety of cases, including but not limited to, automobile, breach of contract, business, civil theft, conversion, employment, construction, disaster/hurricane, family, foreclosure, fraud, home owners’ associations, guardianship, landlord/tenant, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, personal injury, personal services contracts, products liability, probate, property damage, sales, real estate, title disputes, debt collection, worker’s compensation and wrongful death.



Ms. Zeuli is qualified as an arbitrator by the Florida Supreme Court and is an approved Federal Court arbitrator.  As part of her qualifications, Ms. Zeuli attended the basic and advanced course for arbitrators, as well as The American Arbitration Association’s course.

As an arbitrator, she hears and decides cases as a single arbitrator and with other arbitrators as a panel member.  She has heard and/or rendered arbitrators’ awards on a wide variety of cases, such as commercial, personal injury/medical malpractice, business, products liability, security related and breach of various business & consumer contracts. 


To contact the Firm’s offices, you can call 407-834-0831 or email the Firm at inquiry@mdiates.net.





  As part of her dispute resolution practice, Ms. Zeuli is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a mediator in circuit, family/domestic and county courts. She is a county court mediator trainer as well. Ms. Zeuli has mediated cases, large and small, both before and after a lawsuit has been filed, and after an appeal has been taken. As an arbitrator, she hears and decides cases for The American Health Lawyers Association, FINRA/f/k/a NASD and The Florida Bar.





Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third person called a mediator acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties. It is an informal, and non-adversarial process with the objective of helping the disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement. In mediation, decision-making authority rests with the parties. The role of the mediator includes, but is not limited to, assisting the parties in identifying issues, fostering joint problem solving, and exploring settlement alternatives.

A dispute can be mediated at any stage of a dispute and Ms. Zeuli encourages parties to do so.




Arbitration is a process whereby a neutral third person or panel, called an arbitrator or arbitration panel, considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and renders a decision which may be binding or nonbinding, depending on the applicable law.


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