Louise B. Zeuli, P.A. - Attorney & Counselor at Law Louise B. Zeuli, P.A. - Attorney & Counselor at Law

Why Choose Us?

Legal Services in Probate & Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Mediation, and Consulting [Medical-Legal & Educational]

We recognize that clients wish to maximize the effectiveness of their legal representation for the value paid to us for our services. Although our law firm is skilled in advocating for our clients and we have extensive experience with lawsuits, we endeavor to
provide practical legal solutions to our clients’
legal problems. Whether creating an estate plan, probating an estate, handling a guardianship, or discussing related legal matters, we work closely with our clients to:

- Inform them of the available, legal
   alternatives in light of the clients’ objectives
- Weigh these alternatives against the legal
- Identify realistic objectives
- Formulate a plan and effectuate it as
   efficiently as possible
- Stay mindful and respectful of our clients’ 
   sole right to decide what is in their best

In our other role as a mediator in working with parties to resolve a dispute, we assist companies and individuals alike in resolving their respective disputes. As a mediator, we facilitate a dialogue among the parties and their attorneys on issues to be resolved. Those issues can include probate, guardianship, injury to persons, damage to property, death, insurance, disasters, family law, commercial law and real property. At other times, we are an arbitrator, who listens to evidence through witnesses and renders a decision on who is right or wrong in a dispute.

We invite you to contact the law firm of Louise B. Zeuli, P.A. to learn more information about our approach to advising and representing clients, as well as facilitating the resolution of disputes.

We believe that each of our clients is important, and we value your time. We demonstrate that belief by returning calls by the next business day, if possible, and distinguish ourselves by providing consistent, quality legal services. We are timely with appearing for appointments and meeting deadlines.

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